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On this page, you will find the procedures for communication in our class, as well as links to curriculum outlines for both English & Math.


Rules of engagement for communication


"Ask three before me" policy:

This means that I expect my students to communicate with at least three other people before asking me their question about assignments.  What this does is create resourcefulness  and instill a sense of responsibility for their own learning.  I would love to be able to say that I can commit to answering every single question that all of my students ask on a daily basis, but that is logistically impossible.  Students need to learn to be able to move forward with their learning in an independent way and using this policy has helped instill responsibility in my students in the past.


Students can communicate with me in the following ways: 


Parents can communicate with me



English documents:

Term 1 Assignment Schedule 2021.docx

Language Arts Outline 2021.doc

miss hardy's english class.pdf - a brief introduction to both English and Math classes



ELADept_policies 2015.doc


Math documents:

Grade 8 Math Curriculum 2021.docx